Saturday, January 30, 2010

Coffee House

Had a visit/play date with my best friend Luann today. We had some wedding buisness to take care of and As usual it was entertaining and eventful.

It started with Lu dashing through the front door.
Hands completely full, with baby Dylan, a baby bag, 2 baby blankets, a bag full of bottled water and snacks (she forgets I have kids too, and she doesn't need to pack up her house), and her laptop.
Following behind, was Jonas. Good ole' Jonas, who usually plays shy just to fool you :)

Anyways, she comes darting in the house talking a million miles a minute (this is totally expected. She is my crazy Lu).
She's got 20 things she needs right now:
-a tweezer
-a cup of coffee (Dylan's not sleeping all night. But that's okay because his mild sweet temperament makes up for the sleepless nights)
-she has to give me the Mother of the bride book for my mom.

And then...... the therapy session kicks in. I stop and say:
Take a break.
Put your stuff down.
Lets do one thing at a time.
Get Dylan situated.
Unpack your stuff.
Then go tweeze your face, and I'll make a cup of coffee.
One thing at a time......

Then our visit kicks into full gear.
Our kids are running wild, doing circles around us.
Jackson and Jonas are crying and interrupting us every two seconds. (Usually someone stole a car from the other.)
Sophia's showing us every dance move she knows, and wanting to hang with us girls. (this is what were doing now at age 5. Acting like an adult)

Even with all the usual chaos we experience during every visit we have together anymore, We do manage to get in some good chit chat, and we found some great wedding ideas. Which was the purpose of this play date.
I genuinely enjoy sitting back after a visit with a good friend, and thinking of how much our lives have changed. How much we've grown up. Sometimes it sucks we don't get to see eachother as often as we'd like.
But whenever we get together its like we pick up right where we left off.

~This is what friendship is all about

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