Friday, February 26, 2010

Wolverine ate my kids!

So, I know i've been away for awhile, but i've had alot going on.  I will give a brief update on what's been consuming my time, but only only a brief description, as Real Housewife of Orange County has taken over my life and is about to start in 15 minutes.

So I had an amazing Engagement party which was given by my wonderful mother... Thanks to our wonderful friends who came to show some love... and to those who were unable to attend..... You were missed!

Onto other events,

I recently got my drivers license renewed and almost fainted for more than one reason.
 First of all, I had to make two trips back to my house due to the fact that you must now bring your house with you to show proof of residence (or maybe I was just alittle scatter brained that day and didn't mark off the checklist of items to bring)  and second, it cost $67.oo to renew.. (ok, yes, I was overdue.. but don't you get a month grace period?  Not a chance)  So be prepared when its time to renew.

Jackson, my sweet Jackson, has reverted back to calling me Mama... but not in a coo coo goo goo kind of way. More like in a southern cute kind of way.. and im really enjoying it!

I've had to listen to Sophias 3 Cheerleading songs over and over again a million times in the past two weeks, that I now hear them in my dreams.. *thank you my darling daughter.

I was recently yelled at by a Lynx bus driver, because "I was stopped past the line"...  which,  whatever, learn how to maneuver your bus buddy!

Jack has learned how to play the drums and started a band with little people!

Jackson has a solo part

My kids have turned Gangster on me as of lately and alittle bit Country.

(Sippin on Gin and Juicy Juice.. thats how he rolls!)

And My dog has moved in on my man!

OH and Wolverine broke into my house, and ate my kids.....

Ta Ta for now!   (my son looks alittle fruity, but he's definately all boy)

Friday, February 5, 2010

On the road again.....

  You know your old when:
your child says something or asks you a question and you respond by making a song of it.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I need you today.

Always with you..

Behold, I am with you
and will keep you
wherever I go.

Genesis 28:15

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bedtime stories with Sophia

So Sophia reads a bedtime story to me tonight, but fails to tell me that she's learned a few new things.

Story begins:

"Our Tree House by Mercer Mayer"
(you know,the little critter guy)
"Mercer Mayer is the author Mommy"
*What I gather is, she's learning how to recognize title/author/illustrator.
So She starts reading and nearly frightens me with this strange voice she's using. However, I dont say anything. I just giggle to myself and continue to listen.
So she's reading,
and I hear hear, Sluuuuuuurp. Like she's sucking up her spit. But again, im all ears, and I look away, laugh at the wall and continue listening.
It was pretty entertaining watching her because she's straining her face, talking really loud in these very expressive type of voices.
*What I gather here is that; they are learning how to use expressions while reading.
So in between a few pages, she has to stop to put her two senses in.. this is very typical of Sophia.
"thats so nice that Gabby (sluuuuurp) was helping his dad bake cookies, (sluuuuurp) but it's like really sad that Gabby can't play with Litte critter" (her new favorite word: Like. I hate it)
So this is where I finally ask, because I can't handle the weird sluuuuurping noise any longer

"Sophia, what is that crazy sluuurping noise your making"
she looks puzzled, and asks what im talking about.
"that strange noise your making when your reading"
"thats my expressions.. im just reading the book with sound effects and expressions."
I tell her how cool that is, and proud of her I am, and i continue to listen.
(by the way, the sluuurping noise was very unrelated to the story. It was just a chosen sound I guess)
Alllllllllllll the way till the end.
the very end.
last page end.
back of the book end. (she tries to stretch bedtime out for as long as she can)

The End.

I tripped and fell over wednesdays hump

Woke up this morning and here's how it all went down:

  • uninvited Jackson in my bed. (my 3yr old dollface)

  • my shirt soiled in jacksons urine (peed the bed)

  • my iron puked all over my uniform when i was ironing with wierd water spots filled with black stuff

  • Jackson gets soap (tearfREE soap) in his eyes when washing him up.. cries like I just told him hotwheels stopped making cars.

  • Marleys tail (stupid tail) knocks over my coffee cup from the coffee table, spills all over table and onto the carpet.

  • I step in a puddle of marleys piss, and look over at a pile of her poop.

  • Jackson refuses to wear the clothes i picked out for him. (such a pain)

  • I trip and fall over Marley cause she isnt trained to walk beside me..(she actually enjoys trying to trip me)

  • I can't find my cell phone, as im already running behind.. it won't ring because come to find out, its dead.

  • Now im running late, and in a hurry to get to work.

Conclusion: Anyone want a dog?

I don't wish this morning on anyone that i know! Hope your morning was better than mine.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The best is when your on the phone, and your not paying much attention, which causes you to respond like this:
  • Ok well just call me tomorrow!

  • me: ok yes, thank you
  • Did you get to watch the dog whisperer show i've been telling you about?

  • me: no problem. sounds good.
If i've done this to you... i'm sorry! I will try and pay more attention next time!

2 little monkeys jumping on the bed

Put a ring on it..

Hello my girls.. these are the colors that im planning on for my April wedding.. Im loving the flowers in the first bouquet (above), and the colors.. but im also loving the feather idea in the bottom bouquet. Which will more than likely be the color of the bridesmaid dresses. I like the fun popping color!

Monday, February 1, 2010

A day in the field....

A typical Monday

So my monday starts as usual...
alarm goes off at 5am.
I barely open my eyes just to hit snooze for that extra 15minutes, forcing myself to believe im getting an extra 15 minutes of sleep when in reality im just up waiting for the next 15 minutes to roll around, just so i can hit snooze again to finally jump out of bed at 5:30.
I stroll into the kitchen, bitching every step of the way of how tired and run down I feel, as if I didn't just get 8 hours of sleep, and start the coffee pot.
Then i start ironing, and while the iron heats up, I lay across my floor and stretch. This has become a ritual for me ( i have an ironing board that sits on the floor, I dont just drop to the ground and roll, and its carpeted).
Then in the shower I go.
Luckily I don't have any kid duties other than laying out Jacksons clothes because Jack takes Jackson to daycare and Sophia is with her dads on Mondays so I don't have lunches etc. to take care of.
So usually after getting completely ready, being on time is never enough for me, I have to push my luck every morning, and I always find myself caught up in some kind of household chore just as im supposed to be in my car and on my way to work.

So this leads me to start my Monday and usually every morning in a rush.

I walk into work, (doctors office) with my normal good mornings.
I turn on my computer, and before I can even sit in my chair my light is on (Que for having a patient up to bring back) and this is where the fun begins:

I'm a medical assistant, which includes, bringing back patients and preparing for the doctor to come in. Checking in a patient consists of :
blood pressure
going down their med list (lots of elderly patients making this a long process sometimes)
and of course going over the reason they are here today
Sounds pretty simple right?

Well here's how this really goes,
usually before a female patient gets on the scale, they prefer to take everything off... everything from their shoes/purse/belt/ sunglasses/ keys... they would take their hair off if they thought it weighed a pound.
More annoying is when they work the scale for me, and move it to the weight they think that they are. *Which is usually incorrect.
I usually ease their pain by saying "oh, don't worry, you look great. Our scales weigh heavy for some reason"
And the men are just as bad.

Then we go in the room, and I tell them to sit in the chair.
Usually we start going over medications.. and you gotta love the patients that take xanax and are in denial about it. Usually this type of person will say: "oh i haven't taken that in months, i just hang onto it for when I need it" while they say that i am usually starring at their chart where i see it was just filled yesterday and then filled again one month prior from them... but "its only occasional"
OK whatever, don't need to plead to me people, I'm just the assistant. Anyways, who doesn't need xanax these days?

So then it's blood pressure time, and usually i have to grab the patients arm and maneuver it to where I can put the cuff on and listen for the blood pressure.. simple right?
Well its not when you have a patient not cooperate, and they keep their arm glued to their side, cause they think you're trying to run off with their limb!

So now that that's done, we usually go over the reason they are here today.
Some people are honest....brutally honest

"my husbands been cheating on my with our Mexican maid, and now I have this sore on my vajayjay.."

"i have this strange discharge coming from my penis"

"I have this strange rash that started on my back, now it's all over my butt"

"there's blood in my poop"

"I know I said I was here for a blood pressure check, but I'm really addicted to pain pills and I'm an alcoholic and need some help"

the list goes on. Truly i am interested in some of these stories, and I can be chatty myself, so i tend to get way more information that I need to.

After my part is done, I leave the room and Doc goes in.. then i start my process all over again with the next patient.

It's pretty much a cycle, but then theres the patients that we do paps on.. and that can just be funky.. and I don't want to scare you off so i will stop there.

On top of all this patient care stuff.... I work in an office of 40 woman.....
How I keep my sanity is still a mystery.

Bon Appetit

Periodically I will share some of my favorite recipes with you. Generally during the week, between work, homework, dog duty, daily housework, family time, etc. I try to find recipes that are quick & easy to make with using few ingredients.. I save the gourmet cooking for the weekends!

Here's a quick and tasty recipe I made last night.
Sorry vegetarians!

Buffalo Chicken salad:

Mix 1/2 cup Italian dressing & 1/2 cup buffalo sauce (Texas Pete buffalo is good stuff)
Reserve 1/2 of the Marinade for salad dressing.
Marinate cut up chicken cubes in the remaining buffalo mixture, for about 15-20 min.(the longer the better of course)
Cook the chicken in a saucepan with the marinade.
Once chicken is cooked and cooled.
Mix the chicken in with your lettuce mixture (onions/tomatoes/whatever you like in a salad), pour in the marinade, top with blue cheese chunks.. I use blue cheese dressing as well.

There you have a it.. Dinner in less than 30minutes!

Btw- Bon Appetit, is an amazing magazine. Alittle fancy, but great recipes.