Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bedtime stories with Sophia

So Sophia reads a bedtime story to me tonight, but fails to tell me that she's learned a few new things.

Story begins:

"Our Tree House by Mercer Mayer"
(you know,the little critter guy)
"Mercer Mayer is the author Mommy"
*What I gather is, she's learning how to recognize title/author/illustrator.
So She starts reading and nearly frightens me with this strange voice she's using. However, I dont say anything. I just giggle to myself and continue to listen.
So she's reading,
and I hear hear, Sluuuuuuurp. Like she's sucking up her spit. But again, im all ears, and I look away, laugh at the wall and continue listening.
It was pretty entertaining watching her because she's straining her face, talking really loud in these very expressive type of voices.
*What I gather here is that; they are learning how to use expressions while reading.
So in between a few pages, she has to stop to put her two senses in.. this is very typical of Sophia.
"thats so nice that Gabby (sluuuuurp) was helping his dad bake cookies, (sluuuuurp) but it's like really sad that Gabby can't play with Litte critter" (her new favorite word: Like. I hate it)
So this is where I finally ask, because I can't handle the weird sluuuuurping noise any longer

"Sophia, what is that crazy sluuurping noise your making"
she looks puzzled, and asks what im talking about.
"that strange noise your making when your reading"
"thats my expressions.. im just reading the book with sound effects and expressions."
I tell her how cool that is, and proud of her I am, and i continue to listen.
(by the way, the sluuurping noise was very unrelated to the story. It was just a chosen sound I guess)
Alllllllllllll the way till the end.
the very end.
last page end.
back of the book end. (she tries to stretch bedtime out for as long as she can)

The End.

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