Friday, February 26, 2010

Wolverine ate my kids!

So, I know i've been away for awhile, but i've had alot going on.  I will give a brief update on what's been consuming my time, but only only a brief description, as Real Housewife of Orange County has taken over my life and is about to start in 15 minutes.

So I had an amazing Engagement party which was given by my wonderful mother... Thanks to our wonderful friends who came to show some love... and to those who were unable to attend..... You were missed!

Onto other events,

I recently got my drivers license renewed and almost fainted for more than one reason.
 First of all, I had to make two trips back to my house due to the fact that you must now bring your house with you to show proof of residence (or maybe I was just alittle scatter brained that day and didn't mark off the checklist of items to bring)  and second, it cost $67.oo to renew.. (ok, yes, I was overdue.. but don't you get a month grace period?  Not a chance)  So be prepared when its time to renew.

Jackson, my sweet Jackson, has reverted back to calling me Mama... but not in a coo coo goo goo kind of way. More like in a southern cute kind of way.. and im really enjoying it!

I've had to listen to Sophias 3 Cheerleading songs over and over again a million times in the past two weeks, that I now hear them in my dreams.. *thank you my darling daughter.

I was recently yelled at by a Lynx bus driver, because "I was stopped past the line"...  which,  whatever, learn how to maneuver your bus buddy!

Jack has learned how to play the drums and started a band with little people!

Jackson has a solo part

My kids have turned Gangster on me as of lately and alittle bit Country.

(Sippin on Gin and Juicy Juice.. thats how he rolls!)

And My dog has moved in on my man!

OH and Wolverine broke into my house, and ate my kids.....

Ta Ta for now!   (my son looks alittle fruity, but he's definately all boy)


  1. dang, you looked HOT at your party. oh, and jeremy was really upset i paired mustard and grey together for him. ha!

  2. I can not believe how big your kids are. What the hell happened? It was like....last week when we were drinking too much tequila on the back porch of the rickety old house on Hillcrest(?) and sneaking you into bars on Orange ave.

    Time flies. You're beautiful and your kids are too cute.