Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Blues

Happy Monday!

So this morning wasn't all that bad.. atleast it didn't start out that bad. 
 I woke up at my usual 5am hour, with a strange burst of energy,  in which I used to steam clean my carpet  at 5:30am.. (i have ocd, especially when it comes to cleaning) I did a load of laundry and wiped down my already clean counters. 

So anyways, I started for work, and had my coffee in a cup that I had no business bringing into the car.  I used a regular over sized coffee mug in place of a travel mug this morning. Which resulted in the whole cup of coffee completely spilling out, into my cup holder as I turned onto the 528 ramp.  I watched the whole thing go down, and couldn't help it, since I was driving, talking on the phone and smoking a ciggarette all at the same time..  It was strange, because i watched my cup holder fill up with my coffee, and then it slowly disappeared...  WONDERFUL... just WONDERFUL!
So thats how my day started...

On a brighter note, I had a very nice weekend, Friday night we had Family Movie Night..  in Mommys bed.. the kids always enjoy that. We had popcorn and watched A Night at the Smithsonian..  It was pretty good, from what I saw, since we all fall asleep not even half way through...

On Saturday morning I woke up to this:

Bacon on the mouth...Nasty.. i know.. but this is what happens when Daddy supervises!
So Jackson cooked breakfast for us girls..  eggs, bacon and egg shells.. yummy... 

On Sunday, Jack, Jackson and I went to Seaworld (we didn't leave Sophia home alone, she was with her dad)

We had a very nice time.  There was no sign of death  in the park, since a trainer was just killed a few days ago (thank god...not to the girl dying but to no sign of death..) 

 However, I did make a decision to boycot the Shamu show, because I feel like these friendly little whales aren't called "killer" for nothing.  I think they belong in the ocean, not cooped up in a tank dancing around for Seaworld guests.. drowning trainers and stuff.. So i've made the educated decicision to boycot!  First time i've ever boycotted something, and I feel productive!
I also watched a fun new show Sunday night, The Marriage Ref.. which stars a panel of celebrity judges, who take the side of either a husband or wife in an issue the couple is having.. for instance, last night a womans husband was wanting to stuff his dog after he died (wierd and gross) but the wife hated the idea. 
The panel of judges had to decide whether to take the husband or wifes side in this matter (they chose the wifes side, thank god) So the husband was ruled out and didn't get to put his stuffed dog, in the newly built shrine he made for his deceased pup!  It was hilarious!
 This show will now have my attention at 10:30 on Sunday nights, or atleast my dvr's attention! 

Anyways, it was a nice family weekend.. and Monday always arrives way too soon!

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