Friday, March 5, 2010

Diaries of a mad 5 year old

So as usual I started my morning.. in my usual grumpy demeanor.  Jack and I usuallly stay clear of eachother in the mornings..  Because I wake up on what we'd call the "wrong side of the bed" on a daily.  He wakes up in his words "greeting the morning, welcoming it, with a rise and shine attitude".  I can't understand why or how he wakes up singing to the birds. 
He tells me that im teaching our kids that it's ok to wake up and be grumpy every day. Whatever!!! 
 I've tried the whole rise n shine hello morning attitude, and it didn't work for me.  So i've just accepted the fact that im a grumpy morning person..  why can't he!

Anyways, this morning Sophia seemed to have forgotten the morning routine!  She moved as slow as a snail.  She watched cartoons instead of getting dressed as I asked her to do (so frusterating) even after I told her time and time again, to hurry, we have to leave the house soon. 
Jackson refused to eat his frosted flakes.. didn't even want to try a bite.  I even grabbed the box and was impersonating Tony the Tiger..  even did the "they're grrrreeeeeat" move.  But still, no budge.  So i settled, with a "your stubborn just like your father, so starve" attitude and moved along. 

So, i leave the house in a hurry..  as usual, i've set myself behind.  Between the kids moving like snails, and making beds last minute, i was in a hissy. 

I get to Sophias school, and she hits me with "Mommy,  the first day of school I really liked going to the YMCA in the morning, but now that I know what it feels like, its TORTURE".. ... I respond with "Sophia you have no idea what torture is or feels like, now lets get going".  I mean excuse me for my little to no compassion.. but we've been doing this now for little over 7mths now. Same routine, same time every day.  Lets not mess it up now.  
I kiss her probably about 5 times until I realize that she's just stalling from getting out of the car, and tell her I have to go now or i'm gonna be late and off she goes!

My lovely children really keep me on my toes, always with quotes in which sometimes I don't know how to respond.  Hope your Friday is as eventful as mine has started!

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