Saturday, March 20, 2010

Boots and red trucks

Ok, so as usual, never fails, has happened every single time I visit my sister in Lake Mary.... today I was haunted by "the boot".  The boot that the fire department guys stalk your window with for "jerrys kids".  Theres always that pressure, of  oh god, am I gonna be the only asshole at this red light that doesn't contribute. 

So im sitting there, watching the boot knock at every window.. I see change and even dollars tossed into black boot, and I just sit, pretending that im distracted by the ghost in my car.  I feel them getting closer and closer.  Im struggling with myself as to whether or not I should throw a penny in or something.  The damn boot got me the last time I visited my sister.  I've already made my contribution.  What about my kids?  My kids gotta eat too. 
I make the decision to pass on my boot contribution.   Not in a confident ,im not giving money to jerrys kids kind of way though.  I acted as though the imaginary ghost in my car dropped something on the pasenger side floor and I had to bend down and get it for him (cause the ghost is a him).  So I spent a good minute, bending over to avoid the boot and firefighter tshirt.  It worked. 
Maybe next time i'll be more graceful.

1 comment:

  1. The boot and the bums at the exit from I-4 onto Colonial don't ever get money from me because I am always on the phone in a really heated argument when they see me at stop lights.
    Even if I have to grab my iPod and pretend it's my phone. What? It gets lost in the bottom of my purse.