Friday, January 29, 2010

Bio. and not chemistry

First there's Jack.
He's a real stand up guy!

My fiance.
A great father.
He has a nice long arm for reaching things on the top shelf, and he's pretty good at mixing all the white laundry with the colored laundry when washing.
He's getting married soon.
To me.
He finally did it.. five long years later.
The big day will be in April 2011. But that's a different adventure in which i will share later.
Back to Jack....Jack is back.......
He's honest and loyal and has a shit load of friends.
(for instance, we have a 19 people bridal party, thanks to Jack)
He has six brothers and is the cutest of them all :)
He's got nice tattoos, and nice arms to hold onto.
He buys great gifts and that's mostly why I stick around.....

Then there's Miss. Sophia
Sophia is Sophia!
She's very sensitive.
For instance. On the way home from school today she started crying because she saw a stray dog, and "felt bad for him".
She definitely brightens up a room with her spunk and fun energy!
Sheeeee's a talker
Sophia talks from the minute those big hazel eyes open in the morning to the minute she closes them. Actually, she talks even when there closed.
She's naturally funny. Constant laughter when she's around.
Sophia pretty much knows she's gonna be famous one day, and I'm putting money. on it!
Drama should have been her name.
People just like the kid!
She's starring as the flower girl in here teachers wedding.. .. (total suck up)
Theres no better soup for the soul other than my Sophie!

Then there's Jackson.
He's ma boy!
Jacksons my 3 yr old man, with a lot of personality.
He often makes faces that look identical to his dad. Actually. He is a minnie Jack.
Jackson can be a love bug, but he often thinks he's some kind of gangster tough guy!
If I must say so myself, the kids got style.
He's totally rockin this surfer look.
It looks great on him with his wavy light brown hair.
Oh. And he uses surfer lingo too, with words like bro and dude!
Jacksons very opinionated.
which goes hand and hand with stubborn.

For example:
He will not wear his windbreaker pants, cause "they're fat pants"
Only HE can line up all 127 of his cars.
He insists on dressing up every Saturday morning, in 2 pairs of swimsuits, and usually 3 T-shirts.

There's nothing better than a kiss with Jacksons puckering lips and a tight squeeze from my Sophia! Life doesn't get any better than this!

Oh........ almost forgot about Marley.
Whom Jacksnon calls Maweee Mimooshka (which if i hear him say that one more time I might just poke one of my eyeballs out.)
Marley is our puppy.
She's a a little more than I bargained for at times.
But I'm adjusting. It's getting a little easier as time goes on.
She has definitely added to the list of my daily customs!
But she's a cute addition to the family, which makes up for her stinky breath!

Well that's my family for you!
Never a dull moment in my home.
Always full of laughter, and sometimes puppy poop!

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