Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hail to the Mop!

Hail to the H2o mop..

Say goodbye to back pain from bending over when mopping, and scrubbing your floor.

Never miss a corner again

No more buckets of nasty floor water

Say goodbye to that layer of film on your floor left from soapy scum

And say hello to the best invention ever made. ( in my opinion)
I borrowed my moms H2o mop the other day, and it worked so good I almost cried when I had to hand it back.
Im buying one as soon as I get to the store.
I have a ridiculous amount of tile in my house, and for anyone else that can relate. This mop is worth your dollar.
It took me less than ten minutes to mop all the tile in my house, and it had my floors sparkling!
Love it!

And no im not a salesman for the H2o mop.. thank you very much!

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